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2009-10-16 00:12:07 by DanoNinja


So if you see someone in scores named Dano1 or DanoNinja you will know its me! OK???

I am The King at this I have unlocked every medal except 3: Stay on for 5 hours, get burned 50X and squish 100 goombas!
In toatal i have earned: $2 ,141,173
Toatal distance: 13 ,579,444.4 ft
Best: 1 ,676,716.7 ft
Time Played: 9778 seconds
Toatal Tries: 126
I have burght everything! And I currently have: $520073

Here I takn a Pic here:

I am the King at Toss the Turtle

My latest Audio sub's!

2009-10-07 20:33:28 by DanoNinja

My latest Audio sub's are the funniest thing ever! One is about a crying Baby the other is about a laughing Dinosaure Baby!

Baby Cry I
Laughing Baby Dino I

have fun, download, share and vote!

My Plan!

2009-10-05 21:00:41 by DanoNinja

So what I intend to do in new grounds is boast up my voteing power, makeing my vote a diffrence! Also I am a very good pivot animator so you will be seeing alot of pivot moves! Infact i am surely enoff going to finish my first very soon so stay tune!

If you wish to contact me than: